recording studio






The Tracking room is focused around the  Sonor Lite drum kit. The room was designed as a multi purpose tracking room with splayed walls and ceilings treated with a mixture of bass, broadband and high frequency absorbers and diffusers to tame the room acoustics. One corner of the room is fully treated with acoustic absorbers to act as the vocal booth in order to give the dry up front vocal sound which is a major feature of today`s contemporary music production. The room can be easily rearranged to suit the artists spatial needs and  acoustic requirements. Two sets of double glazed acoustic sliding doors separate the two rooms  to provide maximum sound isolation but  maintaining maximum vision between the mixing and tracking rooms       
enabling direct line of site between artists and engineer.
The glass doors also allow natural daylight into both rooms from the clearstory window sited in the control room rear wall which also provides a view to the sky beyond.
The studio is mechanically heated, ventilated and air conditioned.
We can also provide a mobile recording Service.

The studio control room has been designed around the Argosy Aurora wrap round console desk.

The room has been acoustically treated with purpose made wall panels and ceiling clouds to focus the sound to the Engineers mix position to ensure accurate monitoring at all stages of the recording and mixing process.

A leather couch enables the artists to sit in comfort at the rear of the control room during mixing sessions.