recording studio






The studio is equipped  with  classic  mic / line  preamps with high quality digital convertors to get the best performance from our  microphones, the sum of which is mixed in the digital environment with hands on mixing via our Mackie control surfaces utilising the most advanced DSP plugins available  from Universal Audio, Softube, Soundtoys, Flux & Lexicon  complimented by the  Bricasti M7  Hardware Stereo Reverb processor.
Custom built quad core PC running Windows xp professional. Carillon Rack mounted Pentium 4 PC. Apple Macbook Pro Dual Core. All our computers are optimised for high quality 64 bit audio recording.
Steinberg Cubase 8, Pro Tools 11, Apple Logic pro  8. Steinberg Wavelab 8.
Lynx Aurora, Audient and RME AD/DA Convertors.
RME Raydat 72 channel latency free digital mixing. Mackie Universal control pro and control pro extender.
Unity Audio `The Rock` MK2 Nearfield monitors. DACS Clarity headlite headphone amplifier with Beyer Dynamic DT 100 and Extreme Isolation headphones for crystal clear monitoring.
Universal Audio LA 610 valve channel strip, Heritage Audio 1073 mic pre & Rupert Neve 501 inductor eq, API 3124 mic / line preamps, Rupert Neve Portico 5012 Dual Preamp. Audient ASP 880 8 channel mic Preamp.  Line 6 Bass Pod XT Pro.
(Digital signal processing.)

Universal Audio UAD 2 Quad DSP cards with complete suite of Universal Audio plugins.


Flea 47 tube mic, Neuman U87, Rode NT2A with Oktavamod MJE-K47 capsule,  Rode NT1A Matched stereo pair, Rode NT 4, SE Electronics  SE3, SE 2200a, SE 4400A Sennhesier e602, e604 (x3), e614, MD421 -II, MD421 (X2), Shure SM57 (x4), SM58,  Oktava MK 012 stereo pair with Oktavamod Modifications. Avantone CV-12 NOS Valve mic. Royer R121 Ribbon mic. Yamaha Subkick. Shure SM7B.
Fender Stratocaster x 2 , Telecaster, Jazz Bass, Yamaha APX Acoustic, Taylor Dreadnought Acoustic, Gibson Les Paul, Sonor Lite drum kit, Tama Drum kit. Roland XV 5050 Sound module, Roland RS Synthesiser.
Mesa Boogie 50w combo. Vox 30w combo. Full size weighted keyboards - Roland or Korg Oasys             
Reverb / Delay
Bricasti M7 Stereo Reverb, TC M4000 Stereo Reverb, Lexicon PCM Native. Soundtoys Echoboy. UAD Plate 140. UAD EMT 250 . UAD AKG Spring.